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Rachel Carter

Regency Author


by Rachel Carter

Kidnappings, elopements, duels, diabolical plots. Making your debut has never been so hazardous.

Hidden away from polite society, Lucretia Lanyon spent her time daydreaming of dandies, extravagant pantaloons and intricate neckties. Now an heiress and suddenly the toast of Society, she finds her ideal man in Viscount Prendergast, the one bachelor in London who doesn’t seem interested in marrying her. Lucretia must navigate around nefarious impostors, jealous mistresses, dastardly fortune hunters, and the match-making schemes of her aunt, while she tries to attract the notice of her beau.

Christopher Prendergast, an aspiring dandy, was busy perfecting the art of tying his cravat, learning how to use his quizzing glass as a social weapon, and secretly excelling at Jackson’s boxing saloon. To everyone’s surprise, Christopher finds himself in love for the first time in his life. He must now learn how to secure a lady’s affections. He stumbles through a wooing campaign that includes bizarre gifts, terrible poetry, daring rescues and, finally, honesty. 

Perfect for fans of authors such as Georgette Heyer and Jane Aiken Hodge, Lucretia is a traditional regency romance brimming with period detail, unlikely heroes, delicious villains, and the flourishing of an unlikely love.

I highly recommend this for lovers of the traditional Regency needing something a bit different... Rachel Carter is an upcoming talent. 

Regency Reader

Excellent and thoroughly enjoyable. You will not be disappointed if you love historical romance that is well written with a funny edge. 


This was great fun. Taking a lot of inspiration from Georgette Heyer and capturing something of that master’s magic, this is a light, enjoyable romantic comedy of manners... There aren’t many people about today who can successfully pull off this style of writing, so I very much look forward to seeing what else this author can produce.

Book Gannett - Amazon top 1000 reviewer

In Progress

The Wager

- a NEW Regency Romance Standalone

from Rachel Carter

They each had their own particular vices. Viscount Algernon Asquith opened his snuff box with careful deliberation. With perfectly manicured fingers, and nails longer than a gentleman might normally favour, he took out a miniscule pinch and sniffed it elegantly up his left nostril. Mr Oswald Sinnott preferred his pipe. It looked odd in the hands of one a mere six and twenty years of age, but he was nevertheless considered an expert on the subject, and his extensive pipe collection was admired by gentlemen three times his age. He packed neatly, gently, with his finest tobacco, since the evening seemed to call for the extravagance. Lord Caspian Barrington favoured whiskey. He favoured it so well, he had lost count of how many glasses he had imbibed. Yes, they differed in their chosen weaknesses, but they were united in two things. One – they liked to gamble. And two – they were bored.

by Rachel Carter

The Wager

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